Thursday, January 12, 2017

Essential Oils

Essential oils
There are many reasons to have essential oils around the house. Whether you use them for cooking, cleaning, or for general health purposes, it does not take long for the collection of bottles to grow. The question comes into play on how the best way to organize, store, and transport the bottles from one place to another. 

Carrying cases
Carrying cases help to solve many problems. Not only do they solve the most obvious problems of organization and transportation, but they help to solve other problems too. Essential oils can be an expensive investment and if they are secure inside of a case, they are not falling out of cupboards, or medicine cabinets, or being knocked off dressers. Most oils need to be kept cool and out of direct sunlight and a case will assist in that matter as well. 

Not all carrying cases are created equal
There are a many different carrying cases to suit individual needs. For example, you want to carry a few bottles with you on a day trip or to use at the office. However, the last thing that you want to happen is a bottle breaks while in your purse or briefcase. The best place for the oils is in a keychain case which can carry 8 to 10 2ml bottles depending on the size of the case. Want to through some oils into a suitcase for an out of town trip? Consider a case that can hold 16 of the 2ml bottles. There are travel cases for those who want to travel with larger bottles. For your entire collection of essential oils consider cases that can hold 30 to 40 cases. For more collections click on essential oils carrying cases.

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